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Barry Loser 7: Barry Loser Hates Half Term

It?s only a few days into the half-term holidays and Barry’s dad has already had enough of him! He?s packing Barry off to Pirate Camp, the same one he used to be sent to every year. Barry?s not impressed ? he?s not a baby anymore, so why should he have to go to a camp for kiddywinkles? But horrible things are afoot at Pirate Camp ? it?s been taken over by the villainous Morag, and now its future?s in doubt. There?s only one thing to do: Barry and his new friends Sally Bottom and Renard Dupont have to uncover the hidden treasure of Mogden Island …

The seventh book in the brilliant Roald Dahl Funny Prize winning Barry Loser Loser?series. Perfect for?readers aged 7+ and fans?of?Diary of a Wimpy Kid,?Tom Gates?and?Timmy Failure.

Books in order in the series by Jim Smith are:

  1. I am Not a Loser
  2. I am Still Not a Loser
  3. I am So Over Being a Loser
  4. I am Sort of a Loser
  5. Barry Loser and the Holiday of Doom
  6. Barry Loser and the Case of a Crumpled Carton
  7. Barry Loser Hates Half Term
  8. Barry Loser and the Birthday Billions
  9. Worst School Trip Ever
  10. Barry Loser Is the Best at Football NOT!
  11. Barry Loser and the Trouble with Pets


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