bags of books for schools specialises in providing quality books for primary schools

The Book for Schools section of this site is especially for teachers and specialises in providing quality books for primary schools. We believe strongly that all children should have access to the very best inspirational and educational books at school. Bags of Books have been working with schools all over the country for more than 20 years to help teachers find the perfect books for their classroom.

In this section of our site, we have compiled our recommended book lists for schools on many different topics and themes. The lists are regularly added to and updated, ensuring you’re getting access to the most up-to-date and relevant texts for your classroom or library.

As well as saving teachers time and effort we also aim to save you money. We will endeavour to always offer the best discount available to ensure we are very competitively priced.

Some of the services we offer schools are;

Library Top-Up

If your school or classroom library is looking sparse and dated contact us to renew and top-up your book selection.  We’re happy to order a specific list of books, if you know exactly what you want, or to put together a fresh, exciting collection of brand new books to your specification.

One way of keeping your library up-to-date is to subscribe to one of our  Books of the Month subscriptions.  Every month we hand-pick the very best quality, inspiring books, suitable across the primary age-range.

Pupil Premium

We work with schools across the country to provide book parcels for children who attract pupil premium funding. This is a service that increasing numbers of schools have asked for recently, as they try to encourage reading for pleasure and want to change attitudes to reading and provide books for those children who may not have access to them at home.  By using Pupil Premium Funding to give exciting, accessible, relevant and fun books you promote Reading For Pleasure and allow children to feel confident around books and proud of book ownership.

Leavers and Other Gifts

Books make great gifts, at any time of the year!  Please get in touch if you need Year 6 leavers gifts, or gifts for any sort of prize or school award.  We’re happy to order a specific list of books, if you know exactly what you want, or to make our own choices or suggestions for the gift’s recipient.  Some schools have chosen to have a book for each year group delivered to them (gift-wrapping optional) every month to give away as a prize.

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