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Categories explained

If you were actually in our shop then these can be considered the sections where you will find books. Clicking on the category will list all the books in that category.  Please note that at the moment we are adding new books so in some cases we may not have got around to adding images and full descriptions but all books displayed are in stock so if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send in your query via our online form.

What’s the Filter?

If the filter option is shown then you can use this to filter the books in a category by genre or subject.  So say, for example. you were already in the Non-Fiction category and wanted to see books on Nature you could use the filter to restrict the books listed to only those relating to Nature.

If you have the filter option shown in the search results field then you can select any category and display books from that category in this case the filter can be used to show books from multiple categories and genres. For example Activity Books  on Gardening AND Non-Fiction books on Flowers.

How can I search for books?

If you still can’t find what you are looking for you can search products by using the ‘Search‘ menu item.  Enter your keywords in the search field and hit enter to start the search and display the results.

The search will look for the words in the book title, category, additional information, such as authors and series, and finally the description so be careful as you may get a list of results you didn’t expect.  Results are sorted so that more relevant hits are at the top.  If a search matches the words in the book’s title or category it will be shown first in the list so, a search for activity book will list a book with both Activity and Book in the title before one with just activity.  We are currently working to improve searching on the site so please bear with us.

What are you looking for? (enter keywords, title or an ISBN)

How can I find books by an author or in a series?

You can search for a specific author or series but you may get unexpected results especially if the author or series you are searching for is mentioned in a synopsis for an unrelated book.  For example where the synopsis may say something like ‘this book will be loved by readers who like Alex Rider books’ or ‘In the spirit of Roald Dahl’.  To avoid this you can get a list of books by a specific author or in a series by clicking on the author or the series in the Additional Information tab on a book’s detail page.  This will then list all the books we have by that specific author or are in that series.  As we add more books to our online store this will become more comprehensive.  If you still can’t find what you are looking for contact us and we will assist in any way we can.

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