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Are you looking for a book or gift for a child but don’t know what to get them? Then an e-Gift Voucher maybe what you are looking for.

An e-Gift Voucher can be redeemed against any purchase up to the value shown. This includes books and toys and games. Our e-Gift Vouchers are valid for one year so whoever gets them doesn’t have to use them straightaway but can wait until they find that special book. Our vouchers can be used in store at Bags of Books in Lewes, or on-line using the code printed on the gift voucher. These e-Gift Vouchers can also be used on multiple purchases with each purchase reducing the balance on the Voucher.

Our e-Gift Voucher lets you customise the voucher. Select the image to use and the amount on the voucher. Then enter a message and the recipient’s name and email address and the e-Gift Voucher will be sent to them directly. Alternatively, send the e-Gift Voucher to yourself and print it out to enclose with a card or another gift.

Please Note: My Year of Books subscribers have a Bags of Books email address which is used for account use only and cannot send or receive emails.


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Find another book using keywords, Title or an ISBN)