Hottentops At No. 87

Nelly isn’t scared of monsters. In fact, she babysits for them.

‘If monsters are real, how come I’ve never seen one?’
‘Because they never go out.’
‘Why don’t monsters ever go out?’
‘Because they can never get a babysitter.’

Ever swum with a Water Greep, or played hotscotch with a Hott Hed? Every time Nelly rings on a new monster family’s doorbell she’s up for a new challenge. Come on her monster-sitting adventures in this laugh-out-loud funny third book in the Nelly the Monster Sitter series.

From Kes Gray, the bestselling author of the Oi Frog! and Daisy books comes this hilarious book, the follow-up to The Grerks at No. 55 and The Squurms at No. 322.

This story now comes with brand-new illustrations; it was previously published in a collection entitled Grerks, Squurms & Water Greeps.


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