Creating a Wishlist for your school is one way that you can keep your library and classrooms continuously updated with the books that you need and children want.

Budgets are tight and we know that not all of it can go on books, but getting a good turnaround of new books can help keep children inspired to read and aid with teaching in the classrooms.

By creating a Wishlist you can get parents/guardians and sponsors to help support your school library and classrooms by purchasing books on your Wishlist.

How does it work?

Just email us a list of your chosen titles and we will create your own page with the selected titles and send you the link. We find that its more successful if you split the books up into year groups. If you would like your school logo on the page just attach a JPEG image to the email. How you advertise this is entirely up to you but we would suggest putting the link in your newsletters.

We will also send you a coupon code to share.  When added at checkout the discount, that the school would receive if ordering with us directly, will be applied.

How many books can we have on a page?

It’s entirely up to you. You can have as many or as little as you want. Lots of schools have a primary list of titles and a secondary list. We create your Wishlist page using the primary titles and when a book sells we switch it out for a title on your secondary list. This way you will not overwhelm anyone buying a book for the school with too many books but it will always have a good selection.

Can we add books after the page has gone live?

Yes, of course you can. Just email us the details and we can upload any new books you would like to add.

How do we receive the books?

We send the books purchased to you monthly. Any books that have purchased for your school within that month will be sent all together on the last day of that month. Some titles take longer to arrive with us. Once we have them they will be dispatched with the next parcel.

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