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The Leap of Death (Rory Branagan, Detective 5)

Meet RORY BRANAGAN ? he eats bad guys for breakfast. Well, not ACTUALLY. But he IS the best detective in town. Fifth in a hilarious comedy-crime series for readers of 8+.

Hello. I am Rory Branagan. I am actually a detective.

Me and Cat are at the most AWESOME event ever ? Car Bonanza, where people are doing epic car stunts, jumping out of planes and breaking world records. It is amazing.

But then one of the stunts goes TERRIBLY WRONG. But was it really an accident, or did someone meddle with the car?! It?s a good job me and the Cat are here, because this is a CRIME, and it needs to be solved?

There will be seven books in the Rory Branagan, Detective series and this is the fifth.

Available so far in the series by Andrew Clover, with Ralph Lazar?s illustrations:

  1. Rory Branagan, Detective
  2. The Dog Squad
  3. The Big Cash Robbery
  4. The Deadly Dinner Lady
  5. The Leap of Death


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