Would you love to inject some vitality into your reading areas, and create a stunning library that will inspire your pupils?

Then a Books of the Month Subscription is for you.  We know the books that kids get excited about and work with schools across the country to help create and maintain reading areas and libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you pick which books to send us?

We run an independent children’s bookshop and every month we receive thousands of books into the shop from lots of different publishers.  We hand-pick a few of the very best quality children’s books to send out to schools each month.

Q. What type of books will we receive?

The books will primarily be fiction with the occasional  non-fiction paperback included however this is not guaranteed.

Unless you have let us know otherwise, the 10 paperback books will be a range suitable across the primary year groups.  As an example, in one month you may receive 3 Picture Books, 3 Shorter Chapter Books, 4 Longer Fiction titles.  This will vary month by month as we choose the very best books recently released.

Q. Can I request to have books for one particular year group only? 

Sure!  If you only need books for specific year groups, we can tailor your collection to your needs.  If you’re a pre-prep, infant or junior school, or only want the new books for 1 or 2 specific year groups, you can let us know when you fill in the form below.

Q. Sounds great!  How much does it cost, and how do we pay?

The 10 books, hand-picked for you and sent by courier every month during the school year (Sept-June), cost £995 per annum. This will be invoiced to your school.  There are no other charges on top of this.  Postage is included and there’s no VAT to pay.

Q. I have some more questions… who can I ask?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch at anytime with any further questions.  Send us an e-mail to bagsofbooks@bags-of-books.co.uk, or give us a call on 01273 479320 and speak to Rachel.

Q. How do I sign-up?

It’s easy! Just compete the form below and tick the check-box below to confirm that, yes, you do want to get started on creating your stunning school library!  Fill in all the details and click submit and we’ll be in touch to confirm your first delivery date.

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    £100, with each monthly delivery£995 per year in advance, for monthly parcels for the school year


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