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Timmy Failure 1: Mistakes Were Made

My name is Failure. Timmy Failure.

Meet Timmy Failure, founder of the “best” detective agency in town – Total Failure, Inc. With the help of his polar bear, Total, the clueless, comically self-confident Timmy already has plans for world domination. Plans that will make his mother rich and unpaid bills a thing of the past. And plans that will defeat Corrina Corrina, “The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered”. But she’s not going away. Riotously funny, Timmy Failure is sure to have readers in stitches.

This is the first book in Stephan Pastis’s series. Look out for the whole series:


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  1. HB_bookbee

    Timmy Failure and his business partner Total, his pet polar bear, are an unlikely but often effective crime fighting duo. He has everyone’s best interests at heart but things don’t always go to plan along the way.
    I very much enjoyed reading the entire Timmy series and would recommend this series to any young reader looking for a humorous story with a bit of a mystery. This series also encounters friends, bullies and family situations for Timmy to navigate and overcome.

    Helpful hints;
    – Perfect for fans of Tom Gates and Wimpy Kid
    – Styled in standard book form rather than journal format
    – Illustrations throughout but not overwhelming each page

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