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The Magician’s Map: A Hoarder Hill Adventure

Return to the magic of Hoarder Hill in this spellbinding sequel! Exploring the mysterious tunnels under their grandfather’s house on Hoarder Hill, Hedy and Spencer discover the Fantastikhana, an underground tournament of magic. Here they find a group of powerful magicians called the Sleight and a mysterious living map, which tattoos itself onto Hedy’s skin and seems to be directing her further underground. And so an extraordinary treasure hunt begins …

The thrilling, fantastical sequel to The House on Hoarder Hill! A magical underground treasure hunt with a pair of brave siblings at its heart. Praise for THE HOUSE ON HOARDER HILL:’A ghostly mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat.’ BOOKTRUST’This is a book full of magic and suspense … exciting, a bit scary, sad, poignant, funny and also full of love.’ JUNO


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