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SH!T BAG : a sharply funny novel about life with an ileostomy bag

When Freya collapses and wakes up with a temporary ileostomy bag on her stomach, her dreams of the perfect summer go down the toilet. Instead of partying in the Algarve, she’s packed off to ‘Poo Camp’ – a place for kids with bowel disease to ‘bond’.

And things can only get worse. Someone has started calling her ‘Sh!t Bag’ . .

. and it’s catching on. Freya decides to live up to the nickname, raging at her friends, her ex and the world.

Only her campmate Chris seems to see past her new attitude . . .

Can Freya get her sh!t together or will she end up with just her bag by her side?A fresh, fierce and funny story about what happens when life literally goes to sh!t.


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  1. Rach

    When Freya is fitted with temporary ileostomy bag on her stomach she refuses to acknowledge that this is now her life. She wants nothing to do with it, won’t look at it or change it, and if she can’t bear it how will anyone else?

    As a last resort her parents send her to a camp with others in a similar position to hers, in a final hope to force her to come to terms with her situation. But Freya refuses to accept that this is long term, she doesn’t need help and she doesn’t need these people to be her friends … or does she?

    Full of feelings and friendships this novel is a funny, honest and insightful YA novel about literally getting your sh!t together when it all goes to pot.

    It had me shouting at Freya, laughing at Freya and opened my eyes to a world I knew nothing about. A great read and thoroughly enjoyable. Suitable for 12+

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