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Stand Up


Madhu is 17 and has the weight of the world on her shoulders: her dad is putting pressure on her to apply to university, she misses her estranged sister but contact is strictly forbidden, and she’s pulling in every single shift possible at a pizza place to help support her family. What she really wants, though, is to be a world-famous stand-up comedian … Just as she’s about to turn her back on this dream a YouTube clip of Madhu goes viral and she is suddenly catapulted into the bright lights of stardom.

It’s not long before she catches the attention of a fellow Asian comedy legend who offers her the chance of a lifetime. But the road to comedy glory is not a barrel of laughs – and Madhu’s own struggles with her family and identity soon catch up with her. Can she follow her dreams and stay true to herself and those she loves in the process?


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  1. Jo

    Seventeen year old Madhu loves, and lives Comedy- it’s her dream to be a stand-up comedian but her dad wants her to study law. She’s not so sure that’s right for her but she feels the weight of her family’s expectations. She has been struggling with (avoiding) finishing her uni application, A level studies and her comedy routine while working shifts at a pizza restaurant and navigating a difficult home situation. Her older sister has been kicked out of home and isn’t answering her texts, and Madhu feels guilty that she didn’t stand up to their father.

    Madhu is confident and hilarious in real life but freezes on her first open mic performance and runs off stage. Then a video of her calling out her friend’s cheating boyfriend goes viral, and she gets her big chance … but it isn’t without its own problems and subterfuge … and she has to deal with other people’s agendas too.

    This book is warm, witty and insightful, full of heart, and with great characters, especially Madhu herself.

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