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Sea-Ing Is Believing

Welcome to The Nothing to See Here Hotel! A hotel for magical creatures run by Frankie Banister and his parents.

Frankie Banister and his family are preparing to celebrate Grandad Abraham’s 175th birthday ? an occasion that’s going to be even more HONKHUMPTIOUS now that Abe’s ghost has showed up!

When the unexpected spook reveals a secret underwater wing of the hotel that’s been hidden away for years, the Banister’s decide there’s only one thing for it ? a whopping welcome home bash in the spectacular briny ballroom.

But memories aren’t the only things waiting at the bottom of the ocean. Secrets and sea monsters are lurking in the shadows, and is everything as it seems with Grandad Abraham’s ghost? Or is there something fishy going on?

Book your stay at The Nothing To See Here Hotel in this fabulously funny series by bestselling author Steven Butler, with a host of weird and wonderful characters brought to life with Steven Lenton’s brilliant illustrations!

Read all books in the series:

  1. Nothing to See Here Hotel
  2. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yeti!
  3. Sea-ing Is Believing!


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