You Ain’T Seen Nothing Yeti!

Welcome back to the Nothing to See Here hotel – where we have complimentary weirdness in every room and hilarity is available twenty four hours a day!

Having just saved the hotel from a goblin prince, Frankie Banister and the guests are looking forward to enjoying themselves and celebrating the summer holiday of Trogmanay! But when a snow storm blows in (complete with Yeti family), and a number of mysterious guests arrive, something sinister seems to be taking over the hotel and celebrating is the last thing on anyone’s mind ?

The second book in this fabulously funny series by bestselling author Steven Butler and the wonderful Steven Lenton!

Read all books in the series:

  1. Nothing to See Here Hotel
  2. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yeti!
  3. Sea-ing Is Believing!


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