Hamish and the WorldStoppers ,

What would YOU do if the whole world just stopped? Yes, the WHOLE WORLD.
Birds in the air. Planes in the sky. And every single person on the planet – except you!
Because that’s what keeps happening to ten-year-old Hamish Ellerby.
And it’s being caused by The WorldStoppers and their terrifying friends, The Terribles! They have a PLAN! They want to take our world for their own … Oh, and they hate children. Especially if you’re a child who knows about them. Hang on – you know now, don’t you? Oh dear.
Can Hamish save us from the WorldStoppers? Only time will tell!

Hamish and the WorldStoppers is the hilarious children’s debut from presenter and bestselling adult author, Danny Wallace! This is the first book in the series. Read them all:


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