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Beastly Breakout! (Monster Doughnuts 3)


Delicious, dastardly and diabolically delightful’ JACK MEGGITT-PHILLIPS, author of THE BEAST AND THE BETHANYMonsters + (secretly highly dangerous) doughnuts = all the ingredients for an explosively funny read!Tenth-generation monster-hunter Grace has a unique way of bumping off monsters. She and her sister run a bakery, Cake Hunters, where they make fabulous creations full of a special exploding baking powder that will get rid of any troublesome monster! And that’s just as well – as Grace’s latest mission is to track down the monsters who, in a major breakout, have escaped from prison in Monster World – and there’s a LOT of them … Luckily for Grace she has cyclops Mr Harris on her team – who’s a pretty good sidekick when he’s not eating monsters (or doughnuts), or going off on a hunt for his long-lost mother, or accidentally exploding and ending up who knows where …

Can Grace and co restore order to Monster World before things really get out of hand?


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