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Frank the Unicorn Alpaca


From the master of rhyme comes a sweet tale of an alpaca who turns into a unicorn!Now here’s a tall tale (in fact it’s a cracker)all about Frank, a curious alpaca. Although Frank’s daily life appeared simple enough,Frank was soooo nervous, it made things quite tough!Frank lives in a petting zoo, full of wonderful cuddly animals and the children who visit them. But he feels like he doesn’t fit in and he hides so the children can’t laugh at him and his silly ears.

But one day he discovers a book about unicorns . . .

and wakes up to a horn (ice-cream cone) on his head! His dream has come true – he is a fabulous unicorn and feels loved and confident in himself. And when he performs a daring rescue he comes to see that he is perfect just the way he is. Adorable black and white illustrations on every page from debut illustrator India Joseph.


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  1. Rach

    Perfect for new readers moving up to longer books. Frank the Alpaca lives in a petting zoo. He’s tense and anxious and would rather spend the day on his own than being laughed at by visitors because of what he looks like. Then one day Frank finds a book about unicorns and when an ice cream lands on his head all his dreams come true…He’s a UNICORN, he can be brave, bold and happy, Frank loves being a unicorn, until Frank realises, he’s already all of these things. A really sweet rhyming book about loving who you are.

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