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Your Body and You: You’re Unique!

A look at how we are all amazing and uniqueDo you have curly hair or straight? Brown eyes or blue? Maybe you wear glasses or braces or use a wheelchair? You’re Unique takes a look at all different things that make us all individual, and explains just how you became you. It also reminds us that every body is amazing and should be cared for and respected. Your Body & You takes a look at our bodies, taking a less strictly scientific and more PSHE-friendly approach and encouraging readers to appreciate just how special their body really is.

Core information on nutrition, exercise and sleep is balanced alongside more challenging issues, such as looking after your mental health, body privacy and how to have a positive body image. Titles in the series:Your Body & You: You’re Unique!Your Body & You: Looking After Your BodyYour Body & You: Growing & Changing Your Body & You: Body Privacy


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