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Deep in the Forest, the foxes live in an underground city. They didn’t build it themselves: led by Reynard thefox, they enslaved wolves to do the work. By teaching language to the wolves, the clever foxes control themwith the power of speech.

Now Isengrim, Hersent and their pups are the only wolves left in the Forest. They use clay with magicalproperties to heal their wounds, and move between the human and animal worlds using hidden passageways asthey fight to survive. One day, Isengrim gets injured.

He is helped by a boy, Silas. Silas finds speaking difficult – except when in thecompany of the wolves. When the foxes kidnap the wolf pups, Silas is determined to help his new friends to rescue their young.

He must find his voice to undermine Reynard’s power and destroy the foxes’ city. A lyrical fable about the power of language and the relationship between humans and the natural world. ‘We had a name for a certain human child.

This was the child who would walk side by side with the wolves, and would know our silence. The child would be our voice. So that we could live as wolves ought to live.

Free from words. The name for that child was WOLFSTONGUE.’


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