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Wizarding for Beginners

When Terrence the Terrible kidnaps the talking animals of Castledown there are only two brave heroes who can stop him – Dave, the dragon knight, and his best friend and trusty steed Albrecht the goat!

Together they plan to sneak into the Wizard Guild undercover, and teach that trickster Terrence a lesson. All with the help of a very special boo – Wizardig for Beginners!

But nothing is straightforward, especially in the Wizard Guild, where they have some crazy rules:

  • No running, except on Thursdays.
  • No shoes on the carpet, unless it’s a full moon.
  • Shortest wizard wears the Tea Time Hat!
  • And worst of all – absolutely NO girls allowed!

This is the sequel to Elys Dolan’s book Knighthood for Beginners.


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