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Who Are You?

Who Do You Think You Are? meets You Choose! in this inclusive picture book that opens up discussions about what makes us who we are. Perfect for ages 3+, this is a joyful celebration of all the pieces, places and people that make us who we are. It is a wonderful way to get children thinking about and learning about their own families, and also opening up discussions about all of the other pieces that come together to make us all unique: from our friends and food we eat, to activities we get up to and the places we go.

Children will enjoy finding out more about themselves and their families, and thinking about other families and friends who are similar or different to their own. How do you do! Have you come far?WHO DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT YOU ARE?What’s going on? What’s this about?Just turn the page, we’re going to find out! Turn the pages of this book and discover all the things that make you YOU!


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