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We Wish You a Smelly Christmas (PB)

With jingle bells and whiffy smells, this Christmassy picture book is full of festive fun! It’s Christmas Eve, and everyone in the North Pole is fast asleep. Everyone, that is, except Ellie the Elf, who has snuck into the kitchen to snack on a few Christmas treats. Mmm, delicious! Except .

. . soon Ellie’s tummy starts aching.

OUCH! Next, her bottom starts popping. POP! POP! POP! Hiding away in the back of Santa’s sleigh, Ellie falls asleep. But when Santa rides off into the night and Ellie is whisked away with him, one thing is certain: Ellie and Santa are about to have a Christmas adventure like no other! A hilarious book, perfect for children who love to laugh Bestselling author Lucy Rowland and smash-hit illustrator Chris Jevons join forces for the first time! Perfect for fans of Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop, There’s No Such Thing as Elves and Superpoop!


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