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Under the Table


Now here?s another story for you, full of such fun and exciting stuff, you will surely love it. Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman are back! Hold on tight for a funny and quirky new story set in the same world as their celebrated classics, The Pencil and The Runaway Dinner.

One morning, Banjo is helping his dad to wash the car. His little sister Elsie comes running up. ‘There’s an egg in my egg cup!’ she yells. ‘And a great big grey thing … UNDER THE TABLE!’

Brimming over with Allan Ahlberg’s idiosyncratic voice, charm and character, and perfectly matched with Bruce Ingman’s bold and playful illustrations, Under the Table is an irresistible read-aloud full of surprises … oh, does Elsie discover such wonderful (and unexpected!) new friends in her lively and happy home!


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