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Toxic : A rainforest adventure that might just be deadly.

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Hidden in the heart of the rainforest lies a secret… can three friends can survive long enough to find it? An action-packed jungle adventure, perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell’s The Explorer and M.G. Leonard’s Twitch.

Billionaire beauty mogul Anura Hegarty has pledged to acquire as much of the rainforest as possible to preserve it. But when armed guards appear and bring in portable terrariums to capture wildlife, Jessica and her friend Renata realise something much more sinister is going on. The rainforest holds a frog with a secret to staying young forever, and Jessica and Renata know they must find and save it first! Together with Briony-Rose, the girls journey deeper into the rainforest.

Danger and betrayal lurk in every corner, and soon they’re running for their lives, dodging blow darts and falling into traps. Will the children make it out of the forest alive?Praise for Mitch Johnson’Fizzes with adventure and great characters who pop from the page’ – Peter Bunzl, bestselling author of Cogheart’I read it all in one gulp!’ – Ross Welford, bestselling author of Time Travelling with a Hamster’A bonkers Willy-Wonka nightmare designed to get children thinking about the effects of everything they buy’ – Ross Montgomery, bestselling author of The Midnight Guardians’A zany adventure that will make you bubble with laughter and fizz with indignation on behalf of our planet’ – Maria Kuzniar, bestselling author of The Ship of Shadows’An exploding soda geyser of a book – an adventure story that will make you laugh, make you angry and make you want to do something to fix this crazy, messed up world’ – Charlie Higson, bestselling author of Young Bond and The Enemy’Pop! is an explosive and unforgettable adventure with defiant heroes, devious villains, deadly corporate secrets all told with Johnson’s brilliant humour. I loved it’ – Tamsin Winter, bestselling author of Jemima Small Versus the Universe


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  1. Nika

    A thrilling rainforest adventure, all about protecting nature from the most deadly predator there is – humans! When Jessica accompanies her parents to the Amazon on a frog finding research expedition, she thinks she will be bored senseless. Little does she know that it will turn into an adventure of a lifetime, which might just cost her her life – as the saying goes: “There are a thousand ways to die in the forest, but old age is not one of them.” Features an exciting, possibly deadly run against baddies and dangerous creatures of the Amazon, and a particularly ingenious way of dealing with the chief villain, I definitely recommend this to anyone over 9, especially in these dire climate change days.

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