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The Secret of Sapling Green


Sapling Green is a gentle, quiet girl with a secret she is scared to show the world. Wynn Farthing is funny and noisy, and the best at climbing high into the branches of the old schoolyard tree. One terrible day, after a storm, the gardener says the tree has to come down.

Can Sapling use her secret to save the day?Sapling has always kept her hands in her pockets at school to hide her big secret – her green thumbs. But at home she flourishes, growing all kinds of brilliant flowers, shrubs and bushes. When the schoolyard tree is in danger, she has to show her special gift to her classmates in order to save it.

To her surprise, they are delighted, particularly Wynn! It turns out Sapling’s differences are her strengths and through sharing them, she finds friendship and acceptance. The Secret of Sapling Green is a story for quiet children who are unsure of their place in their peer group, and the boisterous kids who rule the playground. Its whimsical watercolour illustrations will captivate young readers, and its story will inspire them to be brave and accept themselves – and each other – for who they are.

Sapling’s green thumbs are a subtle and relatable metaphor for conditions which may make children feel like they are different, such as Autism. Her bravery despite her difference is a reminder that we should never feel like we have to hide who we are.


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