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The Pug Who Wanted to be a Bumblebee

What a honey! Peggy the pug is buzzing with excitement in this sweet summertime story for readers aged 5+. Peggy is buzzing with excitement because her family has a new beehive. When the pug’s best friend Chloe decides to do a science fair project about bees, Peggy learns a lot about how all the bees in a hive work together to make honey.

Unfortunately, Chloe’s project doesn’t go very well because everyone in her group wants to be the queen bee – and a hive can only have one! It’s up to Peggy to become a busy worker bee and show her bestie how life is sweeter when you work as a team. Bees are set to be a big trend in 2023, and this sweet story has a timely message about why bees and other pollinators are so important and need saving.


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