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The Island


Lost meets The Hunger Games in the thrilling new young adult novel from C.L. Taylor, the Sunday Times and million-copy bestselling author. *** Welcome to The Island.

Where your worst fears are about to come true? It was supposed to be the perfect holiday: a week-long trip for six teenage friends on a remote tropical island. But when their guide dies of a stroke leaving them stranded, the trip of a lifetime turns into a nightmare.

Because someone on the island knows each of the group?s worst fears. And one by one, they?re becoming a reality. Seven days in paradise.

A deadly secret. Who will make it off the island alive? *** Readers love C. L.

Taylor?s gripping YA novels: ?What a fabulous storyline. Aheart-popping, fast-paced page-turnerfrom start to finish.? ?A cracking, well-informed and interesting storyline. Simply excellent.

C.L. Taylor has done it again!? ?A brilliant step into the YA world.? ?From the beginning I was hooked. Twists and turns really pull you in and you find yourself on a roller coaster ride of emotions.? ?I was gripped from start to finish!? ?The concept was brilliant;I really loved the twist turns and tension.

Brilliantly written and a delight to read.?


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  1. Rach

    I am quite the thriller fan so when I say its awesome, fast paced, nail bitingly exciting and I loved it, then you know it was a goodie. The Island was all of these things. A dream holiday turns into a nightmare when 6 teenagers get stranded on an island in Thailand and all their worst phobias that only they knew start coming true. An addictive read with one shocker of a twist that will make you scream “NOOOOOOOO” It was a really nice change to read something that didn’t follow the standard YA thriller plot.

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