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The Conspiracy of Magic : 2

The dazzling exploits of The Company of Eight continue in this rich fantasy adventure… In a world where magic is so powerful it has been outlawed, Cass is a rare creature – an obtuse, someone who is unaffected by magic. But what has always felt like a handicap becomes a strength when sorcerers and magicians begin to perform magical deceptions with malicious intent.

The Queen of Minaris is in grave danger and it’s up to Cass to protect her. But how can Cass defeat the sinister magician behind it all with no powers herself? A thrilling tale of bravery and ingenuity from Harriet Whitehorn, author of the VIOLET series, for fans of COGHEART, NEVERMOOR and THE GIRL OF INK AND STARS. ‘Has the feel of The Princess Bride meets Frozen…

This is series is immensely exciting for its feminist twists on classic adventure’ – Lily and the Fae


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