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That Fruit Is Mine!

Five goofy, greedy elephants are up against five teeny-tiny mice in this picture book parable for modern times.

One day, deep in the jungle, five elephants discover a new tree ? a tall tree ? and, atop that tree, the most mouth-wateringly delicious fruit any of them had ever seen. ?MINE!? each elephant cries. ?Mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE!? But who will get there first? And will the elephants spot the five tiny mice, planning and plotting, slowly approaching that tip-top branch?

With fresh vision, hilarious characterization and beautifully textured art, Anuska Allepuz tells a tale of teamwork and sharing; a comedy and fable with a contemporary edge. Anuska Allepuz? is also the author of Little Green Donkey and the illustrator of A Bear Is a Bear.


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