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Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls

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“Genuinely chilling… Kids are going to absolutely love it.” Jennifer Killick, author of Dread Wood”Boarding school and spookiness – Malory Towers gone rogue!” Lesley Parr, author of When the War Came HomeWelcome to Shadowhall Academy, where spirits haunt the school halls. A brilliantly spooky new series from the author of Aveline Jones.

I heard a tapping noise, right by my head. Like there was someone in the wall trying to get my attention… When Lilian Jones starts at creepy, cold and bewilderingly large Shadowhall Academy, she’s nervous about making friends.

And when her roommates tell her the school is haunted, she thinks they’re just trying to scare the new girl. But then bizarre things start happening – tapping and whispers in the walls at night, tales of missing students and strange figures in the woods. Lilian discovers that not only are the school ghost stories true, but her new friends could be in danger.

So she sets out to uncover the secrets of Shadowhall Academy, whatever it takes.


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