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Santa’s New Reindeer

Santa needs a new reindeer in this third hilarious Christmas must-have picture book, from the duo who brought you Santa’s New Beard and Santa’s New Sleigh!One week to go ’till Christmas Day,The final touches underway,A ribbon here, a flourish there,And presents piled up everywhere. Santa smiled. ‘What could go wrong?’He didn’t have to wait too long .

. . Out of the sky a whirling blur,Of antlers, legs and soft brown fur,Came crashing through the workshop roof,And that’s how Rudolph sprained his hoof .

. . Oh no! Another Christmas disaster! The sleigh can’t fly without Rudolph.

Luckily, head engineer Lizzie is on hand to help . . .

introducing ROBO-REINDEER! Christmas is saved once more.


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