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Ruffles and the New Green Thing


Ruff! Ruff! Meet Ruffles, the playful puppy who faces all the tricksy troubles of preschool life in this brightly coloured new picture book series. There’s a new green thing in Ruffles’ bowl and he does NOT like it. Not.

One. Little. Bit.

But look! Ralph has come to play. Ruffles REALLY loves Ralph. Ralph always finds the best sticks, jumps the highest fences and digs the deepest holes.

So, when Ralph spots the new green thing and happily takes a BIG bite, well . . .

Ruffles soon decides that broccoli can’t be so bad, after all. In fact, it’s DELICIOUS!Lovable and funny, Ruffles is a typical toddler in doggy form – sometimes he laughs, sometimes he sulks, but with a little bit of help and understanding, he always gets there in the end. Dog-lovers won’t be able to resist the adorable Ruffles in this new series from the creator of Hugless Douglas which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Other titles in the series include: Ruffles and the Red, Red Coat and Ruffles and the Teeny, Tiny Kittens.


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