Roy of the Rovers: Teamwork

The greatest footballer ever to kick a ball is back! Teamwork, by award-winning author Tom Palmer (D-Day Dog, Armistice Runner), with illustrations by Lisa Henke, is the second in a new series of tekkers-tastic Roy of the Rovers novels! Read alone, or alongside the new Roy of the Rovers comics! The journey begins here! It’s tough at the top! Roy Race is living the dream. After all, how many 16-year-olds get to play up front for their favourite football team? Except life as Melchester Rovers’ new star striker isn’t easy. Everyone’s looking at him differently, social media is a nightmare, and Rovers are still stuck at the bottom of the league.

All that, and he’s still got to go to college, help out at home, and coach his little sister Rocky’s football team. If he’s going to cope, Roy better learn to be a team player – and fast…. “It has everything a football fan needs” – Books for Topics “Football-lovers will love the description of on-pitch action” – That Boy Can Teach”It captures the feel of playing and having a passion for football” – Comic Scene Magazine


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