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Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen

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A brilliant read, so inventive and exciting” Jacqueline Wilson Written by music icon Geri Halliwell-Horner, this fast-paced adventure on a hidden island is filled with family secrets, shocking betrayals and girl power! It’s time to find your power. Suddenly orphaned and alone, Rosie Frost is sent to the mysterious Bloodstone Island – home not only to a school for extraordinary teens, but also a sanctuary for endangered species. There, Rosie confronts a menacing deputy headmaster, a group of mean girls bent on destroying her, and shocking family secrets.

She also discovers that history can come to life in ways she never could have imagined. When the island itself comes under threat, Rosie knows she must enter and win the Falcon Queen Games in a desperate bid to save it. But Rosie can’t do it alone.

She finds that believing in herself – and her friends – is the first step to finding the power she never knew she had. Written by Spice Girl, songwriter and author Geri Halliwell-Horner With a thrilling mix of history, mystery, nature, music and adventure, this book is a brilliant read for everyone Determined and big-hearted, Rosie Frost is a new kind of hero for today’s young readers More praise for Rosie Frost: “An intense and exciting read!” Erin Lyn Hamilton, Children’s Librarian for Suffolk Libraries “a cracking adventure” Jacqui Sydney, book blogger


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  1. Rach

    Rosie Frost has never really felt like she fits in or belongs. It’s always just been her and her mum. When she is suddenly orphaned, Rosie is all alone and sent to the mysterious Heverbridge Boarding School on Bloodstone Island, which is definitely nothing like anything Rosie has ever known. The island is full of beautiful nature and endangered animals but when the island comes under threat, Rosie knows that it’s up to her to help save it. To do it she’s going to need to enter the schools legendary Falcon Queen Games … and win. With new friends and a helping hand from the ghost of Anne Boleyn, will Rosie learn to believe in herself and save the place where she finally feels like she belongs? This is a totally epic mystery adventure. I raced through this novel constantly desperate to read more. Great characters and descriptions. Perfect for fans of every genre.

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