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Princess Smartypants and the Fairy Geek Mothers


This fairy tale contains a well-known princess, three fed-up bears and a parade of motorbiking grannies. But this fairy tale is going wrong! All the usual wishes run by fairy godmothers have been replaced by an online wishes shop, run by a tricksy witch and the Fairy Geek Mothers. Can Princess Smartypants work her magic … and bring back happily ever after?

So many children have grown up with Babette Cole’s picture-book adventures of Princess Smartypants: a strong-minded, frog-kissing princess, happily making her own way in a world usually run by princes. But now Princess Smartypants has truly come of age and she’s ready to show us exactly how she runs her kingdom of Tataloonia.

So make sure you’re sitting comfortably, straighten your tiaras and get ready for some outrageous fun!

Read the first book in the series as well, Princess Smartypants and the Missing Princes.


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