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Press Start! Super Rabbit Boy Blasts Off!


For 5+ kids who love video games but aren’t allowed to play as often as they’d like… Sunny’s favourite game is Super Rabbit Boy, where his carrot-loving friend must thwart all the plots the evil King Viking of Boom Boom Mountain comes up with. Help! King Viking is causing trouble in outer space! It’s up to Super Rabbit Boy to stop him.

But with a weak and slow Level 1 rocket, it won’t be easy to stop the army of space robots or find King Viking. Can Super Rabbit Boy dodge Robo-UFOs, save aliens and level up his rocket to beat King Viking? Or will King Viking’s Level 10 rocket send him blasting off into space? You’ll have to read and find out… The fifth in a full-colour series of graphic novels about – and for – kids who love gaming! Join Sunny as he and Super Rabbit Boy take on the world, one move at a time!


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