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Paddington at Work


Paddington has a knack for ?smelling out things?, and his sharp nose, supported by marmalade sandwiches, leads him into many adventures. Whether it?s lending a paw to a famous Russian ballet dancer, or serving baked elastic instead of ?Baked Alaska? this unforgettable bear is as trouble-prone and funny as ever!

Read the whole Paddington series by Michael Bond in order:

1. A Bear Called Paddington

2. More About Paddington

3. Paddington Helps Out

4. Paddington Abroad

5. Paddington at Large

6. Paddington Marches On

7. Paddington at Work

8. Paddington Goes to Town

9. Paddington Takes the Air

10. Paddington on Top

11. Paddington Takes the Test

12. Paddington Here and Now

13. Paddington Races Ahead

14. Love from Paddington

15. Paddington’s Finest Hour


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