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Nika’s Reading Challenge 2024

Nika is 160cm tall (that’s a lot of books) She is the Bags of Books guru in Middle Grade fiction and loves a great adventure and fantasy novel. If you recieve our Year of Books subscription and love the choices you get, well, that’s thanks to Nika. There is nothing about books that Nika doesn’t know and she likes nothing more than talking about them! Nika loves a challenge and our bets are on her to not only succeed in this challenge but to read the most books out of all of us.

Her son Ben is our honorary picture book expert so if you need help picking one of those too then Nika has you covered.

If you are looking for Nika to help you in store search for the Bookseller in a hundred layers and a hat as she is always cold!

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The Clockwork Conspiracy

If you're in the mood for a thrilling, edge-of-you-seat adventure, then this is the perfect read to start 2024 off with!
When Isaac's dad, who's in charge of Big Ben, vanishes from the clocktower, with only a few cryptic clues left behind, Isaac is determined to find him. With the help of Hattie, the Speaker's daughter, he begins a mad rush around London (and it's rooftops) to beat time - or New Time, which is threatening to destroy the world as we know it!
Not only is this a really exciting adventure, it's also brimming with science facts (the author must be real science lover), as well as Introducing the workings of British democracy and Parliament to the young readers.
A perfect read for all 9+ fans of Adventure of Trains (obviously, as it's the same author), Crookhaven and Mysteries at Sea.

Finding Hope : 1

Ava is spending two weeks at her aunt & uncle's farm, while her parents are away. A child from the big city, she doesn't expect to have much fun on the farm. But then she saves a newborn lamb, and her view of coutryside and farm life starts to change. And there is more to the story as well, as there are mysterious things happening, which only Ava seems to know about.
A lovely feel-good novel for any 7- to 10-year-olds who love animals and the outdoors.

Artezans: The Forgotten Magic : Book 1

Twins Edward and Elodie live in a world where remnants of old magic are still around, and their family is one of the most magical ones. Convinced he won't show any magic at the Reveal, Ed is overjoyed when he shows to have really strong magic, although it is not yet clear what this magic does. But it keeps getting clearer and stronger every day, and Ed finds out that he can travel to the Land of Dreams - and to the Land of Nightmares. But when a revenge goes wrong and nightmares are taking over, will Ed and Elodie's magic be strong enough to fight evil?
This is the first book in the new series by Strangeworlds author L.D. Lapinski and I am already excited to read the next one! I loved the connection between dreams and nightmares, and the final battle kept me reading through the night. Definitely pick it up!


Toxic : A rainforest adventure that might just be deadly.

A thrilling rainforest adventure, all about protecting nature from the most deadly predator there is - humans!
When Jessica accompanies her parents to the Amazon on a frog finding research expedition, she thinks she will be bored senseless. Little does she know that it will turn into an adventure of a lifetime, which might just cost her her life - as the saying goes: "There are a thousand ways to die in the forest, but old age is not one of them."
Features an exciting, possibly deadly run against baddies and dangerous creatures of the Amazon, and a particularly ingenious way of dealing with the chief villain, I definitely recommend this to anyone over 9, especially in these dire climate change days.


Murray the Viking : (1)

Any 6+ lovers of cats, Vikings and sticky-buns-turned-bunny-rabbits will absolutely LOOOOVE this book! The wizard's cat Murray is involuntarily picked to go in search of the Viking Eggrik. With the help of Bun (a bunny rabbit, who was formerly a sticky bun) the will have to defend some vicious trolls to bring Eggrik back to his friends. Will they find him? And will they survivr the trolls?
A laugh-out-loud troll-hunting magical adventure like no other, with black and white illustrations throughout, the perfect half-term read.


A Drop of Golden Sun

An uplifting, heartwarming story set in the 70s. 11-year-old Jenny gets cast as one of the child actors in a new film, "The Music Makers" (the description of which sounds very much like "The Sound of Music"). Together with 3 other children and 2 famous actors, she flies to French countryside for the filming. On set Jenny feels as if she's found a new family, and in enjoying herself thoroughly, but there is a threat to "The Music Makers" in the form of a grumpy French actor, which could mean the end of production for everyone. Will Jenny and her new acting friends manage to keep tempers down and finish the filming? The book gives the young reader a more detailed picture of how a film is made, and a good portrayal of life on set. This is a beautiful read for young film enthusiast and fans of lovely stories, a proper feel good book.


Astrid and the Space Cadets: Attack of the Snailiens!

If you're between 6 and 8 years old, and love space, fun things and SLIME, then this is the book for you! Human girl Astrid and her fellow space cadets (a duck and two aliens) are out to clean up the filthy edge of the Milky Way, when a much more important assignment comes up - saving a small planet (and it's Astro Spuds) from Snailens ... A hilarious holiday, bedtime, sick day or any other time read!


Black Hole Cinema Club

Lucas and his friends attend a movie marathon in the local cinema. But instead of enjoying the film, a tidal wave of blackness engulfs them - and they find themselves in the middle of a film, trying to save the world from destruction. Eventually they end up in a different film, then another and another, until at last they find themselves on a spaceship heading towards a black hole. Although now it seems different - could it actually be the reality for the five friends?
An action-packed, fast-paced adventure, I don't recall ever reading something like this book before. One for all lovers of science fiction and action, be prepared to challenge your understanding of reality and black holes!


Miss Cat: The Case of the Curious Canary

Miss Cat is a detective, hied to find a millionaire's missing canary (which was a gift from his niece). But the more Miss Cat searches, the more she realises that the case is not at straightforward as she first thought it would be, and most people and animals involved are not what they seem. As long as everyone is happy in the end, Miss Cat's job is done well!
A fun mix between a graphic novel and a chapter book is the perfect read for newly independent readers.


Croaky: Search for the Sasquatch

A hilarious adventure story about Croaky, the young frog who wants to be an explorer. When he joins the Woggle Scouts, he's not expecting much adventure, but then the groups heads to Creepy Creek, in search of the mysterious Sasquatch. Is he real? Or is it all a con?
really funny, with full colour ilustrations, any 6-8 year old will enjoy this book (and want to find their own Bigfoot)!


A Season for Scandal

This sequel to The Agency of Scandal is what any Laura Wood fan could possibly wish for! It is such an amzing, lighthearted and exciting read, full of feisty, determined heroines intent to set the world right. Set in the familiar world of The Aviary, it stars a new protagonist, Marigold Bloom, who wants to help her family out of a tight spot, but also wishes for a change, for great adventure and a swoon-worthy lover (and he DEFINITELY is swoon-worthy!!!).
I highly recommend this for any 13+ reader; for Easter holidays, as beach read or on a wintery night, you'll fly through this novel! (Can also be read as a stand-alone.)


Secrets of the Snakestone

An incredible mystery set in late 19th century Paris. Join Zelie when she explores the catacombs, the sewers, the old disused railway which used to circle the city and the circus, in search of a missing magical stone and her missing father. She'll meet some amazing helpful people along the way, but unfortunately she'll also meet many terrible ones. How will she ever save her father from life in prison?
This daring adventure is the perfect read for fans of Bastien Bonlivre, Robin Stevens and Emma Carroll.


Rabbit and Bear: This Lake is Fake! : Book 6

A firm favourite with any 6- to 8-year old, this is the latest book in the Rabbit & Bear series.
Bear and Rabbit are best friends, but they couldn't be more different. One is kind and patient, the other one is grumpy and impulsive, so their adventures always end up being hilarious (maybe not for Rabbit though ...)
This 6th book definitely won't disappoint devoted readers, and I believe poo is mentioned on every single page - what's not to like?


The Girl Who Dreamed in Magic

Saga's whole village has been taken by mountain trolls. Now she needs to ravel North to ask the sorcerers for help and fulfill her magical destiny. The only probelm is, Saga is deathly terrified of magic. But with her bear Bjorn and a few friends she makes along the way, Saga will find out what she is capable of.
A beautiful fanatsy story, full of daring adventures and descriptions of Scandinavian traditions, this is a heartfelt read that will grip you from the start.


Girl on the Fly

Kamaria loves rhythm, especially the thwack of her and her running mates' feet on the track during relay races.
The girls are facing the most important race of their lives, the last one as a team - but will they actually get there without fallin out?
This book is about so much more than running - it's mostly about friendship, the importance of families and finding out who you really are. Along the way you will also find out a lot about the Tanzanian way of life, which makes this book even more special. Highly recommended for 10+.


Skandar and the Chaos Trials (SIGNED)

Published 25/4/24
The third book in the Skandar series, and it sure doesn't disappoint! Everyone who hasn't satrted these books yet, needs to pick up the first one immediately!
Skandar is a Fledling now, and the unicorns are turning into rebelling teenagers, keeping their riders on their toes. That's not Skandar's (and his Quartet's) biggest problem, though - Kenna's bond with her wild unicorn is growing stronger, and Skandar is desperately searching for a way to rewerse it. After an outing gone wrong, the sentinels and Silver Circle are chasing Kenna, and with the Chaos Trials (and the possiblity of being declared a nomad) on the horizon, Skandar is facing his biggest challenge so far ...
Well, the wait is on for book 4 now, hopefully by this time next year!


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