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Moonlight Riders: Sand Filly : Book 6


Harness the power of the elements with the Moonlight Riders! An exciting series for young readers from bestselling author Linda Chapman, author of MY SECRET UNICORN and UNICORN ACADEMY. Could you be a True Rider?The Moonlight Stables friends are heading to the seaside for a week long pony training camp – and Willow’s coming too! Unfortunately, the Storm Stables riders aren’t far behind and they’re determined to ruin the week for Willow and Amara after they bested them at summer camp. To make matters worse, Bea’s dad wants to move her to Storm Stables.

The friends have to find a way to convince him to let her stay. Can a new Storm Stables ally help them and will Sandy finally choose Bea to be her True Rider?Don’t miss the other Moonlight Riders stories!Fire HorseStorm StallionPetal PonySea FoalSnow Mare


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