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Meet the Wildlings

A hilariously relatable story about learning to share and tantrums with bright, bold and quirky illustrations from Gwen Millward. It all started with a GROWL. Poppy and Max are brother and sister.

And brothers and sisters are supposed to share . . .

except Poppy was playing with MAX’S truck! Max was cross. Poppy was cross. And then suddenly .

. . CRASH! FLASH! FIZZ!THEY WERE WILDLINGS!Can mum and dad find a way to get the less wild and much less hairy Poppy and Max back? Or will the children find a way to work together before it goes from bad to worse?This fantastically funny story represents a blended family and gives voice to how tricky sharing can be as well as how to process the anger, frustration and jealousy that comes with it.


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