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Marnie Midnight and the Moon Mystery : Book 1

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A magical new young fiction series from best-selling author and illustrator, Laura Ellen Anderson!

Meet Marnie Midnight ? a little moth with BIG dreams!

Marnie Midnight is SO excited to be starting school at Minibeast Academy. She adores everything about the moon and she can?t wait to learn about its magic. But when Marnie starts school, she?s shocked to find out that nobody believes in moon magic anymore!

Marnie is determined to get to the bottom of this moon mystery. The little moth and her minibeast friends explore far and wide in their search for the truth. But will they survive a run-in with a rebellious rat or a terrifying out-of-this-world adventure with the Early Bird? One thing is for sure, Marnie is a little bug having a big adventure!


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  1. Rach

    When Marnie Midnight starts at the Minibeast Academy she is most looking forward to learning all about the moon and finding out if Moon magic is real. However, when she finds out that moon classes have been cancelled, her and her new friends, Star and Floyd (who is fabulous!), start investigating. Their discovery leads to an out of this world adventure. A really lovely story, I even learnt lots of bug and moon facts that I never knew bwfore. Cannot wait for the next Marnie adventure.

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