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When Abigail can’t concentrate in class, she gets bored and does naughty things! Abigail is sent to the cooling down room. Then she has a music class. She can’t make any of the instruments work! Just when things are about to go wrong again, the teacher discovers exactly what to do to engage this little girl, and Abigail ends up finding a special voice of her very own.


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  1. Jo

    LOUD by Rose Robbins – ‘It wasn’t a
    good day. Abigail was restless. She didn’t want to do
    writing. She wanted to do scribbling…and fiddling with
    her hair…’ follow Abigail as, with the help of a
    sympathetic teacher, she finds another way to express
    herself. Beautiful pastel colours and bold lines, lovely
    story celebrating neurodiversity. See the trailer here

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Find another book using keywords, Title or an ISBN)