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I’m The Fire Engine Driver

Today you’re the fire engine driver! Your job is to help your crew to put out a fire at the bakery. Hurry!Enter a world of imaginative play with this fun and immersive insight into the role of a firefighter. Children will love using their imagination to take the driver’s seat and pretend to use the fire engine’s controls to switch on the siren, turn on the flashing lights, and start the engine!This book puts the reader in charge, to build self-confidence and encourage following instructions, problem solving, and teamwork.

The narrative is embedded with early learning skills such as recognition of colours, shapes, and numbers. This makes it perfect to share with children as a fun way to practise these key skills, while spotting their favourite vehicles and making the sound effects. The story ends with a sense of achievement as the reader puts the fire out, then drives the crew back tothe fire station.


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