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i-SPY Spring : Spy it! Score it!

Explore Spring with i-SPY – facts, photos and fantastic spots! Beat the boredom and take time out from screens with this pocket-sized book packed with facts, photos and fantastic spots for hours of fun! Kids will have fun collecting points outdoors and indoors with more than 120 things to find. From animals and plants to constellations, festivals and food they’ll learn all about the signs of spring along the way. And once they’ve scored 1000 points, super-spotters can claim their official i-SPY certificate and badge.

With more than 30 i-SPY books to collect, there’s something for everyone! For even more seasonal fun check out i-SPY Summer (ISBN 9780008468262), i-SPY Autumn (ISBN 9780008468231) and i-SPY Winter (ISBN 9780008468248).


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