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How to Be a Boy : and Do It Your Own Way


Do you ever pretend to like something you don’t, just to fit in?Is it sometimes hard to tell others how you’re feeling?Do you wish there was less pressure on you to ‘man up’?Explore these questions and many more in this empowering and inclusive guide to masculinity for readers aged 10+ by the nation’s favourite doctor, Dr Ranj. Whether it’s thinking about hobbies or standing up to your mates, Dr Ranj is here to encourage boys to grow up happy with confidence, positivity and kindness. In his signature warm and conversational voice, Dr Ranj reflects on what it really means to be a boy in today’s world, looking at everything from stereotypes and peer pressure to mental health and respect for women.

In a world where everyone seems to have an opinion about what it means to be a man, Dr Ranj is here to reassure readers that there isn’t one way to be a boy – just one way to be true to yourself.


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