When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit


Suppose your country began to change. Suppose that without your noticing, it became dangerous for some people to live in Germany any longer. Suppose you found, to your complete surprise, that your own father was one of those people.

That is what happened to Anna in 1933. She was nine years old when it began, too busy to take much notice of political posters, but out of them glared the face of Adolf Hitler, the man who would soon change the whole of Europe ? starting with her own small life.

One day, Anna’s father was missing. Then she and her brother Max were being rushed by their mother, in alarming secrecy, away from everything they knew ? home and schoolmates and well-loved toys ? right out of Germany ?

A semi-autobiographical and unforgettable story of a Jewish family fleeing from Germany before the start of the Second World War, by Mog author Judith Kerr.


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