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Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh


A hilarious Christmas story – Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh is full of brilliantly funny rhymes, inspired by the much-loved song Row, Row, Row Your Boat. It’s Christmas Eve, and in Santa’s workshop all is not well. The elves are hard at work but oh no! – this year Santa’s feeling fed up and he doesn’t want to deliver the presents.

The elves are determined to cheer Santa up with some jolly songs. Starting with Row, Row, Row Your Boat… and moving on to classics such as Hang, Hang, Hang Your Socks…

and Peel, Peel, Peel the Sprouts… But can they get Santa smiling again and onto his sleigh in time?Perfect for sharing at Christmas, children will love joining in and singing along with the elves. They can even make up their own funny Christmas rhymes!Illustrated by Garry Parsons – the artist behind the bestselling Dinosaur That Pooped series.

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