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Evie’s Ghost

How dare Evie’s mum get married and go off on honeymoon? And how dare she dump Evie with her ancient godmother in a creaky old house in the middle of nowhere? It’s all so unfair. Then, at midnight, Evie sees a ghostly figure at her bedroom window. Terrified, she flees from the room – only to discover that out in the hall, it’s 1814. Evie finds herself dressed as a housemaid, scrubbing pans and emptying chamberpots with an angry housekeeper barking orders at her. But Evie knows she’s been sent back in time for a reason. She must fix the past or she will have no future …

A compelling period fiction for readers aged 9+, by Helen Peters, author of The Secret Hen House Theatre and The House Beneath the Water.


Out of stock


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