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Duck, Duck, Dad?


A hilariously heart-warming picture book celebrating families that come in all shapes and sizes! One dog… SO many ducklings! When one little dog finds himself becoming Dad to a flock of ducklings, it leads to hilarity, mix-ups … and a lot of love.

Out for a walk, Ralph the dog stumbles across an egg. Of course, he decides that the best thing for him to do is walk right on by. But, CRACK! the egg hatches, right then and there! What’s inside? A very cute, very fluffy little duckling.

And though Ralph isn’t sure he wants a duckling, the duckling is definitely sure it wants Ralph! A laugh-out-loud picture book exploring what it means to be family Gorgeously written and illustrated with heart and humour by Lorna Scobie Inspired by a real clutch of ducklings who decided Lorna’s sister was their parent! This book is perfect for fans of Jon Klassen and Chris Haughton


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  1. Jo

    The hilarious Duck, Duck, Dad? by Lorna Scobie. A dog walks by some eggs as they are hatching, and the little ducklings think he is their dad…really funny with a twist later on….lively watercolour and pencil crayon illustrations, varied layouts, great fun!

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