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Crookhaven : The School for Thieves


“So this is really a school for criminals.” It was meant as a question, though it came out more as an accusation. “We are so much more than that,” Caspian said, sitting in a plush leather chair and gesturing for Gabriel to sit in a similar one across the table. “We are a home for the forgotten, a sanctuary for the lost and …

yes, a training ground for the greatest crooks of the future.”13-year-old Gabriel is a brilliant pickpocket, a skill which he uses to keep his often empty belly not quite so empty. And then one day, he’s caught. But instead of being arrested, he is invited by the mysterious Caspian Crook to attend Crookhaven – a school for thieves.

At Crookhaven, students are trained in lock-picking, forgery and ‘crim-nastics’, all with the intention of doing good out in the world, by conning the bad and giving back to the innocent. But … can you ever really trust a thief?With a school wide competition to be crowned Top Crook and many mysteries to uncover, Gabriel’s first year at Crookhaven will be one to remember…

An irresistible series about chosen family, high stakes thievery, and what it really means to do good. Perfect for fans of M.G. Leonard and Anthony Horowitz.


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  1. Nika

    Gabriel is a talented pickpocket and quite a misfit. When he is recruited into Crookhaven, a school for thieves, Gabriel finally has somewhere he belongs. The thieves in this school (and book) are of a different kind – they’re a modern day version of Robin Hood, and despite being crooks, they will one day go out into the world to do good.

    The idea of this school is brilliant, and it has all the components of a great boarding school story, with all the interesting classes and troubles of friendship. We get to read all about different talents a good crook has to have, and see how they hone their trade. And there is also something special about Gabriel and his Grandma, but I’m not giving that away.

    A very interesting read, with a mystery at it’s centre which will make you wait for the sequel (coming in autumn this year!)

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